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Hey fuckface. Why should I be forced to pay into a system that I won't use, to fund your irresponsible sex? Why Should I have to pay for your BC or condoms? If someone can't afford a baby, the aforementioned person should use contraceptives. If the person can't afford contraceptives, in what logical world should someone else have to pay for them? You're out of your fucking mind if you think I'd be happy to foot the bill for someone else to not get preggers.
prettylittledaleks prettylittledaleks Said:

First of all thank you for calling me a fuckface. Second of all, BC should be paid for for both sexes—condoms and the pilll. Third, it is not only about sex. The pill can be used to treat diseases and disorders relating to hormones and regulate periods. Something you have never dealt with. You’ve never dealt with cramps or bleeding so heavy that you can’t leave your bed or home for the entire day. 

You also don’t know what it feels like to have a hormonal disorder that causes increased hair growth, missed periods and weight loss or gain. The pill (and other forms of hormonal bc) can help a woman take care of herself and her body. 

And yes, it does prevent pregnancy. But don’t conservatives hate giving out food stamps? Paying for hospital visits? One $10 packet of BC pills a month can save a woman/her insurance/the state. Some people are not fortunate enough to have that kind of money to spend on medications. The cost to you individually would be tenths or hundreths of a penny. 

The fact that you would say as you did to communismkills that it sounds like a great idea to shoot a woman in the back of the head for needing help paying for birth control is sickening. It is a twisted idea. The fact that you would suggest that is disturbing. 

Violence, especially against women, runs rampant in this country. Women are murdered by partners on a daily basis. Men are too. To advocate and promote that kind of violence, or even to joke about it is wrong.

PS Your male privilege is showing.

  1. je-la-suis said: Please do not call my friend a fuckface. When will socialised medicine be accepted. America already has socialised reading, libraries. Fact is America is the only first world nation without a supportive healthcare system.
  2. ruby-cumulous said: I have a 16y/o sister who isn’t sexually active at all and is on bc because the dr’s found a cyst that could be treated with bc. W/out bc that cyst could have grown into something cancerous since my family does have a history of ovarian cancer.
  3. byronss said: "If someone can’t afford a baby, the aforementioned person should use contraceptives." lol ok dude but we shouldn’t ask you to pay for them so you don’t have to deal with our hussy asses getting pregnant? ok sure super logical
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